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Naughty Bookworms - Teen Girls Fuck Their Teachers For A Better Grade
Gigi Rivera
The best way to learn is through the use of images and in a visual way. She learned that lesson today as she got to see her professors dick, going half-way down her throat and completely down her pussy. Take a look at this cute naughty teen today.
Ami Jordan
She's is a naughty girl who's always wearing tiny skirts in class with no underwear, opening her legs right as her teacher is giving the lecture. Today she takes it to another level by not wearing a bra in class. She'll do anything for an A.
Adriana Kelly
This next episode of the world famous Naughty Bookworms (formerly known as Bookworm Bitches) features a college cutie who's new to college Watch her fuck her way to graduate school in another exclusive episode to this reality site.
Angelina Ash
It's her birthday but she wants to give her professor a birthday present instead. She asks him straight out: "When's the last time you had a good blowjob?" Then this Bookworm Bitch gets right down to work on that stiff dick of his.
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Angelina Valentine
She is a nerd. All she ever does is study and she's always at the library hanging out with all the other nerds. Nobody in class, not even her own teacher, knows she is a sex freak. Today everyone will know that this shy bookworm is really a naughty bookworm.
Ann Marie Rios
She's unimpressed with her teachers teaching skills. She's so bored in class and this bitch wants to get an A the easy way (or the hard way if you k now what I mean). She's going to impress her teacher by sucking his cock and by showing off her newly learned dick sucking skills.
Aubrey Addams
The head cheerleader at Naughty America University is next. She wants to set an example to the rest of the cheerleading squad so this nerd wants a good grade. She gets fucked in this episode like the nerdy bitch she is and is able to show off her cheerleader flexibility.
Bree Olson
When her professor suspects that she has been cheating, he inspects her skirt to see if she's hiding a cheat-sheet. Instead he found she was hiding a wet pussy. All the answers in this Naughty Bookworms episode come from between her sweet and sexy long legs.
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Carmen McCarthy
She just can't seem to understand why all the pretty girls in her classroom get A's and this nerd who studies can't seem to get higher than a B+. She's smart enough to figure out the only way to pass this class is to get fucked in the ass.
Sierra Skye
Her new professor always fucks the new girls in his classroom. She already knew about his teachers' exploits so she was expecting to get fucked. That's why she got it out of the way and came prepared, wearing no bra and no panties.
Charlotte Vale
She knows how to make her teacher squirm when she squeezes his balls. She opens up her covered up blouse to reveal a great big pair of tits, then she grabs his hard dick and sticks it into her mouth, then later she slides that dick in her wet pussy.
Faye Reagn
She's sick of her college education and wants to transfer out as soon as possible. She needs her professors approval first and the only way she's going to get it is by bending over on his desk and getting a big dick up that teen ass.
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Faye Runaway
She has been going through some rough times so she's very vulnerable. She needs to relieve her stress and her teacher has just the right idea. This naughty girl gets a good hard fucking. All while wearing her sexy yet nerdy glasses. Let's try and not get cum on her glasses shall we.
Kelly Klass
Here's how this Bookworm Bitches episode unfolds. This college babe is dating the school's quarterback. He's a stupid fucker who can't pass his Basic Math class. So his girlfriend is going to fuck his Math teacher to ensure that her boyfriend gets to play next week in the big game.
Jasmine Jolie
We like them nerdy schoolworm bitches and that's what she is. She'll suck anybody's dick to get ahead. She'll even give head to get ahead. So her teacher wanted head so she sucked his dick. His wish was her command. We like spoiled bitches like this one.
Jenny Hendrix
This teen hottie heard from an ex student of a sure way to ace her history course, by sucking dick! If she wants an A+ she's going to have to get naked and bounce on his cock after class. This bitch is real motivated & wants to go all the way in this episode of: Naughty Bookworms.
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Jessie Andrews
She isn't putting too much effort into her Spanish course. She figures, when am I ever gonna need Spanish? She's going to get some Mexican dick in her mouth. Viva Mexico!
Kacey Jordan
During midterms, the teacher has caught her cheating on her exam! I wonder what her punishment will be. I bet you he'll force her to make out and then he'll fuck her for cheating.
Kitty Bella
Professor Ray cares for his students' future. Today's lesson is all about showing her that a pair of big tits is all a woman really needs in life, if she knows how to use them.
Lexi Belle
She's really not getting this college course at all. The teacher has tried lots of things to help her. Well, almost everything. If she's willing to do some extra credit, I think she will pass!
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Lindsay Hohan
She feels that she's the perfect Art Design student but her Professor has no fucking clue as to who she is, so most likely she's not going to get a good grade this year. It's time for this professor to remember who that feisty redhead who sits in the back is. It's time for a little after-school fun here at Naughty Bookworms.
Madison Fox
When we were told about her tough situation, we just had to come in and help her out. She was having a problem with her teacher because he would always pick on her in class. He won't be picking on her anymore after this naughty bookworm gave him a blowjob, a handjob, and she got fucked by his big fat dick.
Madison Ivy
She studies real hard but loves to party even harder. This girl goes to school not for the learning but for the fucking. She loves to have sex in the classroom with other students, even with the teacher. She was disappointed she was getting a C, so the professor asked to see her C-cup tits instead.
Nicole Ray
This girl is ready to rock her teachers world. She is a teachers assistant and she is sick and tired of grading her teachers' papers all the time. And she's not going to take it anymore! She's instead going to take it in the ass. This is reality porn at its very finest. Just watch how hard this real slutty teen takes it.
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Rachel Roxxx
She is the proverbial teachers pet. But today, she's going to be petting the cock of her teacher. This teacher-student sex scandal only gets crazier and you'll have to join Naughty Bookworms to see just how this Bookworms episode ends.
Scarlett Marx
This teachers assistant needs some advice on how to give a blowjob. Her teachers' philosophy is: "practice makes perfect". Yep, that'll help her get ahead in life. She'll suck her way to the top in this, the latest scene here at Naughty Bookworms.
Brittney Banxxx
Next up is this little naughty bookworm bitch. She took some time off from college and I guess you could say she lost her touch. Now she has to prove it to the teacher that she still has it. Let's see if she makes the grade when the professor asks for extra credit.
Allie Jordan
Her parents can't afford private schooling for their daughter so she's stuck in a public school. But her professor has connections in the so maybe he can get her in for half price.. That is, if she accepts his load of cum all over her tits.
The Naughty Bookworms motto: You wanna pass? You gotta give up that ass!

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